Well, hello there! 

The Blue Dot.

Random, I know. But it's literally everywhere you are! While traveling abroad I realized the power of that little blue dot and now I can't shake it. You know, it's the little blue dot you see on your phone when you're walking down the street, directing you through every turn of the road. It's a reminder that adventure can be anywhere and everywhere. In your small hometown, backyard, or concrete jungle. On a six month travel around the world, or a bike ride around the block; where ever you are it's up to you to make life an adventure. 

It's also an outlet for what I enjoy; writing, photography and sharing stories (of mostly outdoor adventures).  I'll also be using it to constantly remind myself that every day is not like the other, and to help remind others of the same. I love connecting and encourage you to drop a note below! 

Follow along or check in once in a while. I'll be here. 


Check out the grand adventure of #120daysoftravel & read more about the (160ish) days around the globe: 


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