travel = love

Travel is my love language. new cultures, landscapes and people make traveling a huge part of who I am. Thankfully I share the travel bug with my husband, Clayton. Together, we found ourselves booking 4-day trips to Central America, Work Away’s in Southern Chile and impulse Marathon sign-ups across Europe. 15 countries and 39 states later, we knew we needed more.

We were ready for some ‘calculated risk’.  Having several other inspiring friends in our lives that set aside their comforts for their own grand adventures, we knew we wanted to be next. So, after much research, planning, saving, moving into friends apartments to save even more, and quitting our jobs we took off on a five month travel excursion to add in 12 new countries and 3 new states. 

Sharing travel experiences is a joy of mine, and I hope it provides others insight into the great world around us. This page lends itself to a brief overview of where we've been thus far, and will hopefully spark the curiosity to travel yourself.

May you find inspiration or knowledge of places in checking out our adventures. Perhaps you'll then want to make plans of your own! It's a great big playground out there - have fun! 

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Travel Stats:

23 Countries

+ 45 States