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Our experience with Emma was absolutely amazing! Damon and I hired Emma to help with product photography for Damon’s business, Petrichor, where we needed photos of models wearing the calligraphy pendants that he makes. She exceeded our expectations every step of the way.

It was clear that she was interested in his business, our story, and truly cared about giving us exactly what we wanted. She gave great instructions so I didn’t feel silly and rattled off compliments the entire time...who doesn’t appreciate that?

We also loved that Emma has such a great mind for marketing and branding. She wasn’t just taking random photos; she was thinking ahead to how we would be selling the pendants and the stories her photos could tell to help Damon’s brand. 

Finally, and most importantly, the photos Emma sent us just a short week later were FANTASTIC. The lighting is beautiful and she captured the pendants exactly how we had imagined.

We truly could not recommend Emma enough, and we will absolutely be going back to her time and time again in the future!

Haley & Damon