The 'Hoffice'

Having a designated space to work is important. For me, securing a remote job meant that I’d be living at home for an ‘undetermined length of time’ (could read: sound the alarm). 

It also meant that I would need somewhere to set up shop and actually be productive. My mindset of being home definitely needed an adjustment from the past five years of visiting. When I used to come home it was time to turn off work, relax and spend time with my favorite people. That isn’t the case when that same comfortable space is now your 9-5PM work place. I needed an environment that would allow me to make phone calls, create focus and inspire me creatively. Thankfully, my parents are the coolest and allowed me to totally transform an upstairs bedroom into the space I needed. 

Welcome to the Hoffice. The home office created just for me and inspired by hours of Pinterest investigating. After researching and discussing with my mom, I knew I wanted to accent an entire wall with thick navy stripes, and paint the remaining walls a comforting gray. One quick trip to Lowe’s and the project began! 


My mom and I (okay basically just my mom) had the entire room painted in less than an hour, which allowed for the two coats to dry before beginning the stripes the next day. The stripe process was fairly simple, albeit a few measuring blunders, that we quickly fixed. Here’s how we did it in less than ten steps.  

1. Paint the base color of the entire wall the lightest stripe color. 

2. Determine how many stripes you want. An odd number of stripes is recommended for the best visual outcome and allows for the top and bottom to be the same color. 

3. Divide the length of the wall by the number of stripes you want. That number will be the width of your stripes.  

  • Don’t fret if the number isn’t a nice even number. Round to the easiest measurement and leave the ‘extra’ increments for the bottom stripe. No one will notice if your last stripe is a little thicker or thiner. It will usually be covered by furniture.

4. Start at the top of the wall and measure the thickness of the stripe. We put a flat piece of tap every few feet down the wall to ensure when it was time to tape, our lines would be straight. 

  • If you don’t have a laser, we made a guide out of cardboard the exact width of the stripes, this helped us create a straight and even line for each stripe.

  • Be mindful of where you are measuring from once the first stripe line is up. Keep in mind that th e paint under the tape on the wall is your light color.

5.  Use Frog Tape to mark the stripes- it's well worth the investment. It didn’t create any drips or bleed into the next stripes color and ensured we were getting the smoothest line when we peeled if off. 

6. Mark the light color stripes with ‘x’ to remind yourself that no paint goes there.  

7. When painting the darker color, be sure to go over the tape. This will ensure you’ve got the stripe fully covered when you peel it off. 
8. Remove the tape when the paint is still wet, so it doesn’t get glued down to the wall. 
9. Stare at your new beautiful striped wall!

Besides the accent wall, my favorite attribute of my office is the custom six- foot desk my mom made for me in one short afternoon. She found the plans on and made a few adjustments to fit the space we had! The six feet gives me ample space to set up the necessary items needed when working from home and not feel crammed or cluttered when spreading out to GSD. Additionally, the affordability of the desk was unreal. It cost, $75 for materials and $10 for the stain I wanted.  I could never find a piece of quality furniture for that price, plus the sentimental value of ‘made by mom’ is pretty awesome to me. 


Once the desk was stained and the walls were dry, we were ready to complete the Hoffice creation! I threw some pictures from my travels in frames, including my FAVORITE gold scratch off map and suddenly the space came alive. Outside of the decor items, there are a few Hoffice essentials I’ve determined are necessary for my work. 

Hoffice Essentials

  • Desk with lots of space

  • External Monitor

  • Good and adjustable lighting

  • Inspirational quotes or photos

  • Comfortable Chair (cute doesn’t hurt either)

  • Storage

  • Books

  • Seating for visitors (even if your only visitor is your parents and little sister!)

Yay! I finally had a space in the house that was dedicated to work and creative fun! I can’t tell you how much I love my Hoffice. My productivity and focus is at it’s peak when I go in there, and it’s an easy space to walk away from when it’s time to ‘turn off’, but still be at home. 

Hoffice Decor

Do you work from home or have a Hoffice of your own? Tell me about your favorite pieces and why the space is so important to you! 

Here’s to the grind of 9-5 in your pajamas!