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Hi! I'm Emma, a Midwestern native who thrives on travel, good books, good humans and anything outdoors. I fell in love with photography years ago, and am thankful to make it a part of my everyday. Documenting moments came naturally to me, and I’ve found there is nothing I love more than revisiting photographs that instantly take me back to my most cherished moments. When I’m not taking photos, you can find me running, hiking or finding the nearest taco joint. I hope you find a spark of energy, a good vibe or a desire to connect through my little spot on the web. Emma Dorge Photography is where I tell my story (and hopefully yours). It’s my favorite outlet for what I enjoy; writing, photography and sharing experiences.

A little more about me:

I’m a middle child to the core, and proud to be one. I have three amazing sisters and four adorable nieces. Needless to say we’re a female forward kind of group. My parents met as camp counselors in Maine, (and no I’m not confusing that with a summer romance novel). They have taught me the importance of hard work and being kind. We spend each Christmas at my favorite place on earth: #LBK where we read books, play cards and laugh, a lot. Longboat Key also has a deeper meaning to me now as it’s the place I got engaged last winter!

Home is where my people are, which is probably why I’ve lived in every time zone except for the west coast. Read: grew up in Ohio, college in Maryland (GO MOUNT!), post-grad life in Chicago, world travel, 3-month stint in Santa Fe, and back to the true Midwest in Missouri! Speaking of travel…

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Travel has been my way of discovery, and I’ve been fortunate enough to explore 23 countries and 45 US states. Most of these adventures have been with my most trusted BFF Clayton, who also happens to be my husband. How did I get so lucky? In 2016 we decided to take an uncharted risk, we left our comfortable jobs in the windy city and said hello to six months of around the world travel. From motorbike excursions in Bali, tea houses in Nepal and breathtaking views in Iceland, we set out on a lifelong dream of traveling the globe. Upon returning home, we faced the challenge of immersion, finding new jobs and figuring out what worked for us both.

Like most journeys (totally unexpected) we found ourselves in Columbia, Missouri. It’s where we’ve decided to plant our roots and make the most of this wonderful community.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I’m genuinely glad you’re here. Whether you want to collaborate, like tacos too, or want to say hello I encourage you to reach out, that’s the fun of an online community- the possibilities are endless! Let’s create something fabulous together.

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